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Practice - Adding Images

Corvid Tutorial: Expand Text with a Read More Link

To create Read More / Read Less functionality, we use a multi-state box. Multi-state boxes are great for switching between several views. They contain multiple states with different content, and display one state at a time.
One state in our multi-state box will contain the shorter (collapsed) content and one state will contain the longer (expanded) content. We'll use code to enable site visitors to switch between the 2 states by clicking "Read More" and "Read Less" buttons.

Step 1: Add a Multi-State Box

Step 2: Rename Your Multi-State Box and State

Step 3: Add Content to Your Collapsed (Short) State

Step 4: Add a "Read More" Button

Step 5: Duplicate Your State

Step 6: Set Up Your Expanded (Long) State

Step 7: Add Code

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